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Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Arnolds Sports Challenge

I covered the Arnolds Sports Challenge in Norwich last week, The challenge is a competition between the professional firms i.e. Solicitors, Accountants, Surveyors, Bankers etc.. They come together once a month during the summer to compete for the coveted Challenge Trophy.. The first event of this year was the darts & pool competition at Rileys in Norwich. The Challenge is all for a good cause, The Nelsons Journey Charity which I had the pleasure of shooting earlier this year.. 

Monday, 18 April 2011

The night I photographed David Bowie.

It was around October 1990 at the Cambridge Corn Hall, I had been given a press pass from a mate who was the local rock and pop journalist who was more country than rock..
He knew I was a Bowie fan and I was overwhelmed by his generosity... I hadn't been shooting (photos) that long and the conditions were strict... No flash, you only had the first three songs to get the shot... so armed with my Pentax and a roll of Ilford 400 asa film, I set about capturing the most important images of my fledgling photography career...I treasure these images and I'm happy to share them with you..

Saturday, 9 April 2011

A bronze Award from the SWPP

Evie Knights 3 years old
This was my first submission to the Society for Wedding and Portrait Photographers and I was rather delighted to be awarded a bronze for my shot of Evie. I must be honest my initial reaction was slightly disappointing, I'm so competitive but it wasn't unit I saw the Gold awards I realised how much we have to step up to the mark and also the number of submissions that were unclassified was quite high.. So I'm really a happy phat photographer..

Rachael & Ryan's Pre Wedding Shoot

Rachael and Ryan are getting married at Sutton Staithe in July. Our pre-shoot took place at the local hotel during a glorious sunny morning. We spent a couple of hours having fun in the children's play park and by the river, it's going to be stunning in the middle of summer. A lovely couple who are putting so much into their big day... loads of bridesmaids, men and ladies in uniform (Ryan is in the RAF) it's going to be great.